China’s Taiwan Takeover Plan Revealed

According to CIA Deputy Director David Cohen, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping has ordered the Chinese military to be ready to seize Taiwan by 2027.

American Military News reports:

CNN reporter Katie Bo Lillis tweeted, “Chinese President Xi Jinping has told his military that he wants to have the capability to take control of Taiwan by force by 2027, per CIA Deputy Director David Cohen—but, he said, the [intelligence community] does not currently believe that Beijing has made a decision about whether to proceed.”

“He has not made the decision to do that, but he has asked his military to put him in a position where if that’s what he wanted to do, he would be able to,” Cohen said, according to Lillis. “It’s still the assessment of the IC as a whole that Xi’s interest in Taiwan is to get control through nonmilitary means.”

Cohen’s assessment is in line with assessments shared last year by U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) commander Adml. John Aquilino and his predecessor, Adml. Philip Davidson. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley discussed those assessments with Congress last year.

“Their assessment is based off a speech by President Xi that challenged the People’s Liberation Army to accelerate their modernization programs to develop capabilities to seize Taiwan and move it from 2035 to 2027,” Milley said last year.

“It’s a capability, not an intent to attack or seize. My assessment is an operational assessment,” said Milley. “Do they have the intent to attack or seize in the near-term defined as the next year or two. My assessment of what I’ve seen right now is no, but that could always change. Intent is something that could change quickly.”


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