FRIDAY PDB – Chinese Military Bases in Latin America, Russia Nuke Threats Won’t Deter US from Arming Ukraine, Christian Coast Guard Members Sue Over Religious Exemptions to COVID Vax Mandate, Air Guard Wants More F-15Xs

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GETTING HIM EXTRADITED WILL BE TOUGHER – Fat Leonard, fugitive in huge Navy bribery case, caught in Venezuela. “Fat Leonard,” the Malaysian defense contractor who orchestrated one of the largest bribery scandals in U.S. military history, has been arrested in Venezuela after fleeing the U.S. on the eve of his sentencing, authorities said Wednesday.


LOL! HOW IS THAT FOR SPIN?! – Migrants in Martha’s Vineyard given shelter at Joint Base Cape Cod. The 48 migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard last week by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have been given a “safe haven” at Joint Base Cape Cod, according to a press release from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.


PENETRATING OUR SOUTHERN FLANK – US military leaders warn China could militarize the ports it owns in Latin America. U.S. military leaders are deeply concerned about a surge in Chinese-owned ports in Latin America and the Caribbean that “could benefit its military,” according to a report by the U.S.-China Commission (USCC).


Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 212. Four areas of Ukraine controlled by Russia and pro-Moscow forces held referendums on Friday on joining Russia, a move widely condemned by the West as illegitimate and a precursor to illegal annexation.

Pentagon: Putin’s nuclear threat won’t deter US aid to Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent threat to use nuclear weapons will not staunch U.S. aid to Ukraine, the Pentagon’s top spokesperson said Thursday.

US weapons, partisans played role in Ukraine’s successful offensive. Standing on Liberation Square in the city of Kharkiv, Ukrainian military officer Antolii Sidorenko looks the part of a special operations commander, with a long beard, shaved head, and a pistol on his hip.

Putin faces fury in Russia over military mobilization and prisoner swap. Russian families bade tearful farewells on Thursday to thousands of sons and husbands abruptly summoned for military duty as part of President Vladimir Putin’s new mobilization, while pro-war Russian nationalists raged over the release of commanders of Ukraine’s controversial Azov Regiment in a highly secretive prisoner exchange.


US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan arrives for South Korea drills. Arrival marks most significant deployment yet amid push for more US nuclear-capable ‘assets’ to deter North Korea.

North Korea rejects US intelligence allegations it supplied weapons to Russia. North Korea on Thursday denied a U.S. intelligence report that it exported rockets and artillery shells to Russia, claiming the assessment was intended to tarnish North Korea’s image.


What’s behind the protests in Iran? The death of Mahsa Aminia in the custody of Iran’s so-called morality police has sparked days of anti-government demonstrations — and a violent crackdown.

Ukraine asks Israel to share intel on Iranian support to Russian military. Ukraine asked Israel to share intelligence on any support Iran is giving to the Russian military in the war, senior Israeli officials told Axios.

Israel to supply air defense system to the UAE. The SPYDER air defense system would boost the UAE’s capabilities after it was attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels earlier this year.


JACKASS – House GOP cuts loose candidate who misled about military service. The House GOP campaign arm is slashing a near-$1 million ad buy meant to target Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) — essentially walking away from what could have been an easy pickup for the party.

Christian Coast Guard members sue over religious objections to military’s coronavirus vaccine mandate. Three Christian members of the U.S. Coast Guard are suing government officials over the military’s coronavirus vaccine mandate, alleging they were unlawfully denied religious exemptions from the injection.

Hawley probes Pentagon over ‘alarming’ mishandling of religious exemptions to the COVID vaccine. The Pentagon’s IG said the department is in ‘potential noncompliance’ with standards for reviewing religious exemptions to the vaccine.

Air National Guard director wants boost to F-15EX buy. “Some people are still looking at this as a 1970s-technology aircraft. It is not,” Lt. Gen. Michael Loh, head of the Air National Guard, said of the F-15EX.


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