Mike Pompeo Hilariously Mocks Chinese Dictator

Former Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, mocked Chinese dictator Xi Jinping with a subtle but hilarious jab in a recent video directed at the people of China. Pompeo held a coffee mug with an image of Winnie the Pooh. Xi reportedly despises the cartoon character, who some have compared to the Chinese dictator in looks. Chinese media has done anything and everything to ban the likeness of the cartoon bear in the country.

American Military News reports:

As Pompeo raised his coffee mug at the start of the video, the camera operator zoomed in on the mug, emphasizing the obvious personal reference to Xi.

The Winnie the Pooh reference would not be the first time Pompeo has included specific references to China in his photo and video appearances. In an April 2021 tweet, Pompeo shared a photo of himself snacking on dried pineapple from Taiwan. The tweet came amid a #freedompineapple social media campaign in response to a Chinese ban on imports of Taiwanese pineapple.

“Our goal with these videos is pretty simple: It’s to talk to the Chinese people about U.S.-China relations,” Pompeo said. “And that’s what we’ll start doing with this series over the next few months; and we’ll keep it up.

The first video in this new series was titled “The Chinese Communist Party Does Not Represent The Chinese People.” The video contained both English and Chinese captions for viewers.

Pompeo said, “There’s a reason we’re doing this. The Chinese Communist party doesn’t represent the Chinese people, it’s that simple,” adding, “The CCP is a one-party totalitarian political organization committed to a foreign, anti-Chinese ideology. It started out as a group of brutal radical extremists and frankly not much has changed.”

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