Putin Target Reveals How He Escaped Assassination Attempt

Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of Gulagu.net, revealed how he escaped Russian President Vladimir Putin’s wrath. Osechkin says he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt after he noticed a red dot from a sniper’s laser. His organization is responsible for exposing purported evidence of widespread torture and rape in Russian prisons last year.

NY Post reports:

Most recently, Osechkin has been documenting Russia’s alleged efforts led by the infamous paramilitary organization Wagner group to recruit inmates to fight in Ukraine.

Speaking to Latynina via videoconference on Tuesday, Osechkin revealed that he had been warned that his life was in danger by Christo Grozev, with the Netherlands-based investigative journalism group Bellingcat.

Osehckin said he and his family, who have received special training and have gone through drills preparing them for a possible attack, immediately killed the lights, lowered the blinds and dropped to the floor.

“My wife and kids spent about an hour in one of the more secure rooms.” he added.

Osechkin stated, “I wasn’t hit, but there were shots — the scope was moving towards me.” His neighbors testify to his account.

“I remember: I’m carrying plates to my kids in the living room, and in my peripheral vision, on one of the terraces, I see a red dot moving through the terrace railing along the wall towards me,” he told Latynina in Russian.

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