TUESDAY PDB – VA Disgracefully Starts Doing Abortions, Russia Faces Violence Over Draft, Iran Threatens ‘Decisive’ Response Against Protesters, UK to Double Defense Budget, NASA’s Asteroid Defense Test

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Putin grants citizenship to Edward Snowden, who disclosed US surveillance. Russian President Vladimir Putin granted citizenship on Monday to Edward Snowden, the former security consultant who leaked information about top-secret U.S. surveillance programs and is still wanted by Washington on espionage charges.


Coast Guard spots Chinese, Russian naval ships off Alaska island. The Coast Guard Cutter Kimball will continue to monitor the area.


Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes’ path: From Yale to jail. Long before he assembled one of the largest far-right anti-government militia groups in U.S. history, before his Oath Keepers stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Stewart Rhodes was a promising Yale Law School graduate.

2 service members sentenced to prison for smuggling people into the US from Mexico. Add this one to the safety brief. Two service members, one of them an active-duty soldier, the other a National Guardsman, were sentenced last week for trying to smuggle undocumented migrants across Texas while in uniform.


TikTok seen moving toward US security deal, but hurdles remain. A draft agreement with the Biden administration to keep the Chinese-owned video app operating in the United States is under review.


Zelensky thanks US for advanced air defense systems, calls for more help. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is thanking the United States for the advanced air defense systems it has sent to his country to aid in its war with Russia, but he also is pressing for more, according to an interview aired Sunday.

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 216. Ukrainian and Russian forces were locked in heavy fighting in different parts of Ukraine as Russian-organized referendums in four regions Moscow hopes to annex drew to a close.

Russia admits to draft problems as anger flares into violence. The Kremlin’s spokesman tried to shift blame for errors in the call-up to regional agencies, the same day a gunman attacked a draft office in Siberia.


Iran president threatens ‘decisive’ response as protests continue. The protests are the largest since nationwide demonstrations three years ago and have posed a growing challenge to Iran’s hardline clerical establishment.


USS Ronald Reagan, South Korean ships launch drills. The combined training started one day after North Korea test-fired a short-range ballistic missile in a possible response to the exercise.


Despite economic woes, UK leaders tout massive defense-spending hike. Britain may be in economic turmoil right now but that hasn’t stopped Defense Secretary Ben Wallace emphasizing the new government’s pledge to effectively double spending on the military by 2030.

Fat Leonard,’ fugitive in Navy bribery case, seeks Venezuelan asylum. The fugitive defense contractor nicknamed “Fat Leonard” has requested asylum in Venezuela, a law enforcement official said Monday.


DISGRACEFUL – Legal, security fears loom as VA begins performing abortions. Last week VA staffers performed the first abortion at a department medical facility under new authorities.

Three cheers for NASA’s asteroid smasher. Who ever thought crashing into space rocks could be so useful to science — and to the defense of humanity?

PEO Carriers: USS Gerald R Ford ‘fully delivered’ ready to deploy. Five years after its commissioning, the world’s largest warship is in shape to deploy, the officer who oversees the Navy’s carrier program said last week.


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