China Makes Latest Hostile Step Against Former President

Chinese government censors on Monday limited keyword searches for former president Hu Jintao, who was unceremoniously removed from the ruling Chinese Communist Party congress over the weekend.

Seated at the leaders’ rostrum on Saturday, a confused-looking Hu was physically lifted from his seat by a security guard and firmly escorted past leader Xi Jinping, whom he tried to talk to, and out of the hall.

The incident prompted rampant speculation that Hu’s removal was a political statement from Xi and to show the total destruction of Hu’s political faction, which is closely linked to the Communist Party Youth League. Xi was later voted in for an unprecedented third five-year term in office, making him the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong.

No discussion of the incident was allowed on Chinese social media platforms after the event, while keyword searches for “Hu Jintao,” “Granddad Hu” and “Xi Jinping” were blocked, or only showing very limited results.

Read more at American Military News.

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