Biden Wants Even More Aid to Ukraine

Joe Biden’s White House is asking Congress for even more money to send to Ukraine. Biden asked for $37.7 billion in aid on top of the $66 billion already approved in February. The requested aid will include $21.7 billion for equipment and military support, $14.5 billion to fund the country’s government and for humanitarian aid, $626 million for energy assistance, and $900 million for health care.

American Military News reports:

Congress is expected to consider the aid ahead of a Dec. 16 deadline to pass a bill funding the government, NPR reported.

This aid package would follow three prior packages approved by Congress that totaled $65.9 billion.

Three-quarters of the aid already approved by Congress has been spent or allocated, according to Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young.

President Joe Biden has also used his “drawdown” authority to send more than $18.6 billion worth of equipment directly from Defense Department stockpiles. Another $400 million drawdown was approved last week.

Young said in the request letter, “We have provided significant assistance that has been critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield—and we cannot let that support run dry.”

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