U.S. Military Targets Mom who Complained about Pansexual Posters at School

New Jersey mother Angela Reading was concerned after noticing posters outside of her 7 year old’s classroom that displayed different kinds of sexuality, including the virtues of being “polysexual.” Reading, a member of the Northern Burlington Board of Education, went to Facebook to voice her concerns writing, “it should be illegal to expose my kids to sexual content.” To her surprise, Angela  was quickly targeted none other than the U.S. military.

Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling apparently took issue with the post and labeled Reading as a “safety concern.” Schilling responded to the post saying:

“The current situation involving Ms. Reading’s actions has caused safety concerns for many families,”

“The Joint Base leadership takes this situation very seriously and from the beginning have had the Security Forces working with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation to ensure the continued safety of the entire community.”

The purpose of the military is to defend America from foreign enemies but not to police our own borders. Fox News reached out to The Joint Base who clarified, that it notified law enforcement about the social media exchange, “which is common information-sharing practice among law enforcement entities.”

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