Critical Issue: Remain in Mexico Policy – Federal Judge Stops Biden

What is the ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy?

The ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy was established under the Trump Administration. It allows border crossers who are apprehended by DHS to return to Mexico whilst they await their asylum and immigration hearings in the United States.

What is the point of the ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy?

This policy was put into place in 2019 to end the ‘Catch and Release’ protocol that previously existed. The ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy keeps our borders safer while appropriate immigration hearings are carried out.

Biden’s Hatred of Securing Our Border

Biden has tried to end the Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy by making this cross the desks of the Supreme Court Justices. On Thursday, a federal judge stopped Biden from ending this policy.

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of Texas struck down Biden and stopped him from ending this policy. This decision sets the stage for more immigration court cases due to Biden’s interference.

American Defense News will continue to monitor these court cases.

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