Senate Votes to Transfer Huge Land to Military With a Big Price Tag

The U.S. Senate voted for a massive expansion of a northern Naval Air Training Complex in Nevada. To do this, the Senate has voted to transfer a huge plot of public land for the expansion. This expansion will add 872 additional square miles of land for bombing and military use to the Naval Air Station Fallon. This location is 65 miles from Reno, Nevada.

What else is included in this vote?
The Senate has included over 906 square miles of wilderness conservation. Additionally, they have protected 28 square miles of land and $20 million each to two Native American tribes. The training complex is located in Churchill County, Nevada and this county will receive $20 million.

What is the Fallon Range Training Complex?
The Fallon Range Training Complex (FRTC) is assigned to the U.S. Navy. It boasts four separate training ranges and an integrated air defense system that consists of 37 real or simulated radars in the Dixie Valley of Nevada.

The Navy has said that the FRTC expansion is critical to meeting combat training needs for modern aircraft and weapons systems that have outgrown the training capabilities for more than twenty years.

What Happens Next?
The House voted to pass this funding in the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act last week. The next step is for the request to be signed by Biden.

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1 month ago

big mistake , still no justice , our children are under attack, our votes do not count only ballots

1 month ago
Reply to  gypsy

How is it a mistake to expand the practice area if it is needed, and if it doesn’t block access to needed natural resources? The big mistakes in the DoD are wasting resources on “woke” indoctrination and firing personnel who object to being given a vaccine of questionable safety and effectiveness.

The other issues are certainly significant and pose a greater threat to the nature of our republic than any military opposition, but they are outside the scope of this article.