Air Marshals Are Outraged at Biden – Al Qaeda Threat to Air Travel

The federal air marshals are absolutely outraged at the Biden Administration. Why? Because Biden keeps sending them to the southern border instead of acknowledging a verified air threat against the United States from Al Qaeda. The Biden Administration is blatantly ignoring threats to our country from known this well known terror group. Al Qaeda already has a strong history of attacking Americans on U.S. soil and abroad.

The Threat

High-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sources told Judicial Review that “al Qaeda says upcoming attacks on US possibly involving planes, will use new techniques and tactics.”

Despite the looming terror threat, the Biden administration announced mandatory deployments to the border as the migrant surge continues to strain already-worsening conditions amid staffing shortages. It is important to note that the problems at the border have not been declared as a national emergency, thereby, it does not justify to send the air marshals to the southern border for land monitoring when there is a bonified air threat.

The Letter

The Air Marshal National Council issued a letter to the DHS secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas. The letter accuses the Biden administration of ignoring a validated threat from Al Qaeda.

Fox News reported on this letter:

“How can you justify sending FAMs to the border in huge numbers, when the border is in your words secure, and there is no emergency yet?” the letter read. “Yet we have major security incidents happening right now affecting our aviation security.”

Even amid the diversion, Labosco noted the American people have not forgotten the critical lessons learned following the devastating 9/11 attacks, more than two decades after thousands lost their lives.

“I can tell you who hasn’t forgotten, we haven’t forgotten,” Labosco said. “The American people, the family and friends of those that died on 911, they haven’t forgotten.”

“We’re not we’re not going to catch al Qaeda trying to grab an airplane down in El Paso,” she continued. “It’s going to happen right here in a commercial airport, in a commercial aircraft.”

In a statement to Fox News Digital, a DHS spokesperson pushed back on the claim that flights are being left vulnerable.

“Federal Air Marshals have long supported various Departmental operations on a regular basis across Democratic and Republican administrations alike. There is nothing new or unique about this. They have been deployed to support the U.N. General Assembly, Operation Allies Welcome, hurricane recovery efforts, and CBP at the Southwest border. The last Administration in 2019 temporarily deployed some Federal Air Marshals to support CBP at the Southwest border.

“The suggestion that flights are being left unprotected is completely false. TSA takes its responsibility to secure the skies for the traveling public very seriously. We will continue to protect commercial flights through our multi-layered security processes, including through the Federal Air Marshal Service which supports this critical mission on the ground and onboard aircrafts,” the statement read.

The Commitment
U.S. Air Marshal’s are federal law enforcement officers who are committed to passenger and crew safety. They are committed to protecting passengers and crew members from terrorist threats onboard civil aircraft. They also help to provide investigative work with other agencies that pertain to air travel. Air Marshal’s are committed to keeping us safe when we fly.

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