Military Spouses Now Get Employment Relief When Moving

The Way It Was
Previously, military spouses would have to face many barriers when transferring their professional licenses. This affects realtors, teachers, nurses, doctors, and any other profession that has a licensure. Many states would vary in the requirements for having said licenses as well as whether or not a license was even required. Now, they have consistency.

The New Way
Military Times reports:
President Joe Biden signed a provision into law late Thursday that will make it easier across the board for military spouses to transfer professional licenses when making a military move.

This is the first time a federal law requires states to provide reciprocity in accepting valid occupational licenses from previous jurisdictions. The law also applies to service members.

Defense officials have calculated there are more than 132,000 active-duty spouses in occupations that require licensing, representing about 39% of military spouses in the workforce.

Those licenses are required in a wide range of occupations — from realtors to nurses, teachers, cosmetologists and many others. The only profession the new law specifically excludes is the practice of law.

The Relief
This change to support the career of military spouses is needed and long overdue. Military spouses sacrifice quite a bit, including their careers. Now, they have some relief in maintaining their professional licensure.

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