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U.S. Coast Guard Has Found Russian Intelligence Ship Off of Hawaii’s Coast

As threats loom against the United States, the Coast Guard has been monitoring the waters that surround our country.

The Spotting
The Coast Guard has said that a Russian intelligence gathering ship has been spotted off of the coast of Hawaii in recent weeks. The U.S. Coast Guard has been tracking a Russian vessel “believed to be an intelligence gathering ship” off the coast of Hawaii in recent weeks, officials said Wednesday. The ship and other foreign-flagged military vessels have been “operating and loitering” in Coast Guard District Fourteen’s area of response.

The Statement
“As part of our daily operations, we track all vessels in the Pacific area through surface and air assets and joint agency capabilities,” Commander Dave Milne, chief of External Affairs, said in a statement.

The Recent Months
Fox News reports the following threats in recent months.

– Last September, the Honolulu-based Kimball encountered four Russian naval vessels and three Chinese ships during a routine patrol in the Bering Sea near Alaska.

– Russian planes have also been tracked off the coasts of Alaska and Canada in recent months.

– Two Russian maritime patrol aircraft were detected in the Alaskan and Canadian Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ) on Sept. 11.

– The month before that, Russian surveillance aircraft were detected twice in the North American ADIZ in a two-day period.

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