Student Veterans Are Studying What In College?

The main reason service members enlist in the military is to get education benefits and go to college, according to the Student Veterans of Americans Dr. Abby Kinch. And this trend only ramped up after 9/11. Dr. Kinch stated that student veterans are empowered to go above and beyond in higher education. They are pursuing four-year public university degrees in practical majors as many go to school full-time and work either full or part-time some of the time with a family in toe.

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Many are doing what is necessary in school after working in the Military to provide the life they imagine giving to their families.

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In a February 2022 article by the President Emeritus of Missouri State University Dr. Michael T. Nietzel and data sourced from Niche, the top five most popular majors for the class of 2023 are:

  • Business
  • Medicine/Pre-Medicine
  • Biology
  • Nursing

While these are the most popular amongst the entirety of the class of 2023, this doesn’t necessarily mean it falls in line with military students. While most are on par with what military students would study, Dr. Kinch says that there is one catch and that is Psychology.

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Dr. Kinch claims that “Social sciences are not among the top majors these veteran students usually pursue, because they tend to be more purposeful in their money decisions. They are looking for a career before, or directly after separation, and want to find the college majors that will get them those options.”

The main debate is the Communications major. While it is not a top 5, at least for now, it is becoming an increasingly popular field and is becoming increasingly popular amongst companies who value a weighty communications program.

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