US Expedites Ukrainian Equipment Order Faster Than Expected

On Monday it was announced that the US would be sending $350 million in the form of weapons and equipment to Ukraine. Then on Tuesday, only one day later, US defense officials said US Patriot missile defense systems and Abram tanks will be deployed to Ukraine faster than what was originally planned. Now on Wednesday, we now know the Ukrainian soldiers are almost done with their training on the Patriot system they have been training on in Oklahoma since JANUARY. US defense officials say they plan to send older Abram tanks so they can be used quicker and they are already in the process of training 65 Ukrainian soldiers on the Patriot systems in Oklahoma to advance that process as well.

The decision to speed up delivery comes as the country plans against the expected spring offensive Russian forces are planning.

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This new package will include a “large amount of various types of ammunition, such as rockets for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, and an undisclosed number of fuel tanker trucks and riverine boats, according to the officials.” This aid will also supposedly be taken from Pentagon stocks through the presidential drawdown authority so it will be available quickly.

To date the US has given Ukraine more than $32.5 billion in military aid as they continue their war with Russia. This comes as Ukraine faces fierce battles with Russian forces to continue as the control of Bakhmut is at stake.

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China’s Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow to meet with Russia’s Putin just days after an ICC arrest warrant was issued against Putin for war crimes related to Ukraine.

As the war continues, our country takes itself further into debt over a war between two countries fighting for a border as our own country succumbs to increasing border issues itself. Issues our President has not concerned himself with, rather he continues to spend billions on another – far away.

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