Marine To Be Tested On ‘Naked And Afraid’ – Looking For Clarity

Veteran Marine officer Sean McCool was looking for a way to reconnect with himself after serving as a combat engineer, deploying twice to Iraq, and losing his father. This mission led him to the popular Discovery Channel survivor show ‘Naked and Afraid.’ Like many others, McCool is attempting to take time for himself, process alone, and grow – the only catch is McCool is doing so in a unique way.

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His father, Willie McCool, may sound familiar and that is because his father is Willie McCool the beloved astronaut who died, along with his whole crew, in the 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle disaster. McCool was the pilot of the space shuttle Columbia during its final mission when it broke apart during re-entry. For Sean McCool, he says he was young, 22, when he lost his father and did not feel like he dealt with the loss or grieved it properly and is hoping his alone time in the jungle will help give him “some time to reflect.”

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McCool will drop into Limpokwena, South Africa, in episodes of the show starting March 26. His goal will be to survive 21 days in the African bush, while also remaining alone and naked.

Twenty Years Ago: Looking Back On The Invasion Of Iraq

This is not the first time a veteran has appeared on the show, most recently – last month – Marine scout sniper veteran Justin Governale appeared on the show.

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