Employee wellness provides around-the-clock whole health services

In recognition of their service to America’s heroes, VA has implemented programs and policies aimed at protecting the safety and health of its employees. Orlando VA staff are encouraged to participate and enjoy whole health activities on their inpatient unit.

The overall health and resilience of employees is critical, and that’s why taking a proactive approach to well-being is crucial. It helps to protect against stressors and difficulties that may arise in employees’ daily lives. By focusing on the self through mindful awareness and self-discovery, employees can reflect on what truly matters, connecting with their aspirations and purpose to support genuine work-life integration.

“As health care workers, it is important that we take care of ourselves first in order to take care of others, especially Veterans,” said Andrea Gison, nursing officer of the day. She explains it is important that we all prioritize our health and well-being and live life to the fullest.

Orlando VA provides a variety of wellness activities, such as affirmations, shaking and dancing, coloring, tea-time, massage, aromatherapy and meditation.

In the photo above, Medical Inpatient Unit employees recharge with Whole Health activities.

“It motivates me to do my best for my patients.”

“Being at a workplace that cares for your well-being is a blessing. It makes me feel cared for and motivates me to do my best for the patients during my work shift and for the organization,” said Certified Nursing Assistant Audrey Addico.

“Having the opportunity to decompress allows me to resume my duties with more clarity and focus, allowing me to serve Veterans in a more efficient manner,” said nurse Gabriel Matias. “I would like to thank all parties involved in making this happen for the staff, especially on odd tour duty hours. These activities help build trust and rapport between all team members.”

Great turnout and feedback

“We have been doing monthly wellness/mindfulness moments with employees during weekends, holidays, evenings, and night,” said Gison. “We provide a variety of whole health activities to our night shift staff. With the great turnout and feedback received, we plan to continue offering these activities on a frequent basis

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To read more stories on whole health, visit VA News and Information.

This post, Employee wellness provides around-the-clock whole health services, was originally published by the Veteran's Administration.

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