For Memorial Day, Submit the Name of a Fallen Hero to #TheHonorProject

Memorial Day can bring up many emotions in the Veteran community: grief, nostalgia, pride, even loneliness. For many, visiting their battle buddy’s resting place provides a sense of peace, comfort and duty. For those who can’t get there because of distance or reasons beyond their control, the day can feel hollow. 

This Memorial Day, volunteers from Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) will visit national cemeteries across the country on behalf of Veterans and families of the fallen to lay commemorative tokens at the resting places of fallen heroes. At each interment site, they will also pause to reflect and give thanks for that fallen hero’s service and sacrifice.

As a Gold Star sister, Memorial Day for me is a reminder of what’s been lost—but also an opportunity to remember what’s been gained through the character and integrity of our heroes. They lived by the words that guide us at TMF every day: “If not me, then who…” It’s why #TheHonorProject exists. We believe it’s our duty to show every fallen hero the respect and gratitude they deserve.

How to Get Involved with #TheHonorProject

If you know of a service member or loved one interred at one of the cemeteries listed here, please submit their name here today so TMF volunteers can visit them this Memorial Day weekend and show them the respect they deserve: 

  •        Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, VA) 
  •        Florida National Cemetery (Bushnell, FL) 
  •        Fort Logan National Cemetery (Denver, CO) 
  •        Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (San Antonio, TX) 
  •        Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery (Glennville, GA) 
  •        Great Lakes National Cemetery (Holly, MI) 
  •        Hampton National Cemetery (Hampton, VA) 
  •        Jacksonville National Cemetery (Jacksonville, FL) 
  •        Kentucky Veterans Cemetery West (Hopkinsville, KY) 
  •        Massachusetts National Cemetery (Cape Cod, MA)
  •        Rosecrans National Cemetery (San Diego, CA) 
  •        Tahoma National Cemetery (Kent, WA) 
  •        Washington Crossing National Cemetery (Bucks County, PA) 
  •        West Point National Cemetery (West Point, NY) 
  •        Valley of the Sun Mortuary & Cemetery (Chandler, AZ) 

Memorial Day is quickly approaching. Submit your fallen hero’s name by Friday, May 26, to ensure that our volunteers will be able to honor that hero. 

This post, For Memorial Day, Submit the Name of a Fallen Hero to #TheHonorProject, was originally published by the Veteran's Administration.

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