For Memorial Day, VA honors the sacrifices of those who served

As we celebrate Memorial Day and honor those who have lost their lives for our country, we will pause in our duties to acknowledge the depth and breadth of these sacrifices that have made our way of life possible. And at VA, we will rededicate ourselves to our mission to provide Veterans with the care and compassion they deserve.

For those who have given their all, how could we offer them any less when it comes to their care?

While Memorial Day comes just once a year, VA and its employees uphold the meaning behind it each and every day by providing the best care possible to our Veterans.

We do this because, at VA, we believe what we do isn’t just work. It’s a calling, a commitment to shared service that brings our team together. Being of service lies at the heart of all that we do for Veterans and for each other. Every day, we come to work knowing that what we do will make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Work at VA

This Memorial Day, take time to honor and remember the people who have given their all to defend our collective freedoms and we will, as we do every day, continue our mission to serve Veterans at VA Careers.

This post, For Memorial Day, VA honors the sacrifices of those who served, was originally published by the Veteran's Administration.

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